Untitled (field research)

This short film was shot in two places in China, the work is an ongoing investigation and interventions of transitional spaces. The first setting is located in the rural urban fringe of West Shanghai, the site was originally a fish market and miles of land are covered in protection nets to prevent weathering of the land, the green landscape is sitting still, the construction has been halted, animals start to congregate in here, creating a semi-ecosystem. The place challenges the natural and man-made, human societies often exploit the land and surfaces for strategic planning purposes, it has certain physiological and political connotations. The film then changes to a different place which is set in an old, about to be demolished train in Hangzhou, the only community that can still take the train nowadays are either construction workers or local farmers transporting farm goods into the city. This particular train is a tool to transport moving bodies between rural and urban sites,  the story takes place here as if movement was represented by a vehicle in transit. Both these places featured in the film mediates between present state and future unknown, waiting in uncertainty, wanting to become something else.